Charcuterie Boards

Custom Charcuterie Boards

Do you love hosting parties and serving delicious snacks to your guests? If so, you’ll want to check out our charcuterie boards!

Our charcuterie boards are made from reclaimed wood and are perfect for displaying cheese, meat, fruit, nuts, and more. They are handcrafted with care and attention to detail and have a natural and rustic look. They are also durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Our charcuterie boards come in different shapes and sizes and can fit any occasion. Whether you need a small board for a cozy night in or a large board for a big gathering, we have it for you. You can also choose from different wood types and finishes to suit your taste and style.

You can browse through our portfolio to see some of our past projects and get inspired by our work. You can also contact us to order a custom board that meets your needs and preferences. We offer free estimates within Idaho.

Order yours today and impress your guests with our charcuterie boards. You’ll love the quality and beauty of our products. You’ll be the best host ever with our charcuterie boards!



Browse our full portfolio to see our past projects.


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